Breakfast: 43 Poems

"Coleman Stevenson dreams over breakfast. Go to your room for a timeout.

Doulgas Spangle, winner, Stewart H. Holbrook Literary Legacy Award

"Coleman Stevenson's poems defy their own longing by making a want's darkest recesses glow, turning language fresh as a new love feels, familiar, flaming, and true."

Brian Foley, author, The Constitution, editor, Brave Men Press

"Coleman Stevenson's Breakfast will jolt you awake, buzzing and crackling with a febrile, plain-spoken intensity, scouring the world for correspondences that signal a truth."

John Beer, author, Lucinda, The Waste Land and Other Poems

"Coleman Stevenson, we love you. Get up and come to breakfast."

Doulgas Spangle, winner, Stewart H. Holbrook Literary Legacy Award

ISBN: 978-1-94384-465-4

Breakfast: 43 Poems

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   The Art of Waking Up

"Brenda Taulbee's poems give my spine reverb, like poetry is meant to, like only poetry that matters, can."

Lidia Yuknavitch, author of Chronology of Water, Dora: A Head Case and The Small Backs of Children

"Her poems are told like a secret, filled with yearning: both ephemmeral and visceral at the same time."

Amy Temple Harper, author of Cramped Uptown

ISBN: 978-1-63068-129-6

The Art of Waking Up: 62 Poems & a Song of Despair 2012-2015

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   A White Concrete Day

"There is a quietness about Doug Spangle's voice that allows you not to realize how much he has to say (so quietly), what superb art his craft conceals (to the point of invisibility), how large is the experience he offers the reader.

This collection accumulates the power, skill, passion and intelligence of his poetry to the point where I wonder, is anybody writing better than this?"

Ursula K. Le Guin, author of Hard Words, The Earthsea Trilogy and Lavinia

ISBN: 978-1-61364-561-1

A White Concrete Day: Poems 1978-2013

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   Deathcats (El Gato Eficaz)

"Luisa Valenzuela is the heiress of Latin American fiction. She wears an opulent, baroque crown, but her feet are naked."

Carlos Fuentes, author, Aura, The Old Gringo

"Luisa Valenzuela's books are our present, but they also contain much of our future."

Julio Cortazar, author, Hopscotch

"'Make way dudes,' indeed! Before Kathy Acker, before Patti Smith, before Angela Carter, there was & still is Luisa Valenzuela. Deathcats is a prescient fever dream against the new millennium, a take no prisoners satire, a sardonic after midnight liturgy. 'A crematory oven in the middle of Times Square?!' Dudes, here come the grievances...'"

Richard Nash, former publishing editor, Soft Skull

"Valenzuela's work is not precious. It is stark and sometimes raving mad. Jonathan Tittler's translation is syntactically beautiful and las palabras se contruyen para devestar...."

Amy Temple Harper, author of Cramped Uptown

ISBN: 978-1-93566-234-1

Deathcats (El Gato Eficaz)

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