December 19, 2020:

To our potential contributors:

During the pandemic, Gobshite Quarterly will be published as one annual issue. It will still be in flipbook format, but each side will feature material for two seasons instead of one. Our first annual issue will appear early in 2021.

We are still reading, but it's best to query us first - gobq at yahoo [dot] com. Because of our temporary annual format, any material accepted before the end of 2020 is unlikely to appear before 2022.

We are particularly looking for short fiction, essays, reasoned rants & other non-fiction under 2,200 words.

2/3 of our current submissions are poems. The competition in this form is intense. New work has to be astounding.

Email: please use as subject: your last name, a title keyword from your submission, and gobq sub - e.g. beckett godot gobq sub.

The document title should be: your last name, title, and "gobq sub" - e.g. beckett waiting for godot gobq sub.

Please add your name & contact information to the top or bottom of the piece itself. Once the attachment is downloaded we have no other way of knowing how to get back to you.

We much prefer .doc or .rtf files. Docx files don't play well with InDesign.

If possible, please use Times as a font: once your piece is translated Calibiri and Times New Roman make it very difficult to create non-standard characters in InDesign.

Our guidelines are, as always:

GobQ Online will publish writing from around the world. As of issue #15-16, all works will be published at least bilingually.

We feature Czech, Bosnian, Hungarian, Polish, Croatian, Algerian, Cuban, French, Lithuanian, Albanian, Bosnian, Danish, Arabic, Mexican, & Argentine writing, as well as British, Australian, New Zealand & American.

Simultaneous submissions are OK. Please include this info when you submit.

In certain circumstances we are interested in reprint rights. Query.

Guidelines for fiction
Because everything is at least bilingual or trilingual, please keep submissions below 2,200 words.
We publish short-shorts, shorts, novellas, or novel-excerpts. Genre fiction will be gladly considered if it is of such a caliber as to make genre distinctions irrelevant. Most readers, when queried about genre fiction & about what they want to read, feel that way, too.

Guidelines for poems
Conform to the envelope, stretch the envelope, or shred it completely to reveal something new.

Guidelines for reasoned rants (essays, journal or diary extract(s), memoirs, manifestos, credos, & open letters)
Any trend(s) or topics that enthuse &/or edify &/or alarm.

Guidelines for works in visual media
We are most definitely interested, but query 1st.

Our mission: To honor the integrity of the author's vision & intention, & not let editorial sensibilities be ruled by considerations of sexual or political content, or by political correctness or cant in any guise.

Acceptance at Gobshite Quarterly is based on your submitted material, not on your CV.

With many thanks,


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