Like people everywhere, Gobshite Quarterly's community has been greatly affected by the pandemic.

Because of these uncertainties we will not publish a second, separate volume in 2020, but will publish one large, annual volume each year in 2021 - 2023.

Gobshite will still be a flipbook. Each side of the flipbook will have two seasons' content instead of one. The subscription option is listed after individual issue prices.

BuY / SuBSCRiBe:
Gobshite Quarterly 2021
(# 37-38, incl. postage)
1 copy (U.S.) $14
Gobshite Quarterly 2022
(# 39-40, incl. postage)
1 copy (U.S.) $14
Gobshite Quarterly 2023
(# 41-42, incl. postage)
1 copy (U.S.) $14
Gobshite Q 2021—2023
(# 37-42, incl. postage)
1 copy (U.S.) $40
~ All prices in USD ~

International postage is now so expensive that we cannot offer these subscription prices to readers outside the United States.

But because Gobshite has international distribution, our annual volumes will still be available directly through local bookstores in Europe, the U.K., Canada, and Australia, as well as at

The retail price there will be the nearest practical equivalent to $15 USD.


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