Childbirth, with no woman
Carlos Barbarito

Parto, sin mujer:

nace de cenizas en una pala,

de hora sin remate, inconclusa,

de tañido desprovisto

de cuerda y médula.

Filo de sangre casi sueño.

Sueño de cabra

bajo una noche boreal.

¿A quién se asemeja?

¿Hacia dónde de sí

las hojas, al viento, dispersas?

Childbirth, with no woman:

it is born of ashes in a shovel,

of an hour without end, unfinished,

deprived of the sound

of a string and of marrow.

A blade of blood almost a dream.

A dream of a she-goat

under a northern sky.

Who is it like?

How far from themselves

do you scatter the leaves, to the wind?

— (Translated from the Spanish by Brian Cole) Carlos Barbarito Website
(Stefan Beyst, webmaster)

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