ReaSoNeD RaNTS, JouRNaL & DiaRy eXTRaCTS, iNTeRVieWS, MeMoiRS, MaNiFeSToS, oPeN LeTTeRS, eSSaYS

Ian Shoales
Bring Me The Head of Alfredo Garcia, The Musical?

Andie Miller
Absent Fathers & Ithacan Myths

Bill Zarchy
Wrecks & Pissers

Hank Bordowitz
Noise of The World: Jonathan Demme

Noise of The World: Reggae Mix-Tape

Michelle Chen
Hangers On (Shanghai)

Dubravka Oraić Tolić
20th Century Rearview Mirror
Julienne Eden Bušic, Trans. from the Croatian

20th Stoljece U Retrovizoru

Joel Preston Smith
White Vampire Story

Josh MacPhee
All My Friends are Stencil Pirates

George Seminara
We Come to Praise Joey Ramone, Not to Bury Him

Ike Eisenhower Vs. Joey Ramone: Memoir


Tomica Bajsić
Lungs Full of Air
Nicole Hewet, Damir Šodan & TB., Trans. from the Croatian

Pluća Puna Zraka

Tiffany Lee Brown
On Trying Not To Notice

Les Murray
Portrait of a Felspar-Coloured Cat

Amari Hamadene
The Golden Cupolas
Kate Purkhardt & Lucie Brisson, Trans. from the French

Les Coupoles Dorées

Clemens Umbricht
Alfred Hitchcock
Douglas Spangle, Trans. from the German

Tom Gilroy, Anna Grace, Jim McKay, Douglas A. Martin, Grant Lee Phillips, Rick Roth, Michael Stipe
Exact Dates Unknown

Bodleian M.S
Middle English Lyric
J. Herschel, Trans.


Ángel Arango
The Bullet In The Air
Medea Benjamin, Trans. from the Spanish

La Bala En El Aire

Edo Popović
Our Lady of the Whores
Marina Orlović, Trans. from the Croatian

Gospa od Bluda

Christoph Keller
(Trans. to the German by CK)


Richard Melo
100-millionth Bird Flies Away

Angela Buck
Three Peaks

Luisa Valenzuela
This Life’s a Bitch
Jonathan Titler, Trans. from the Spanish

Esta Perra Vida


THe uSual SuSPeCTS and CoNTRiBuToRs

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Frequent Gobshite Quarterly contributor Luisa Valenzuela is one of Argentina's most significant writers and one of the most widely translated female South American authors. Her many novels include The Lizard's Tail, Black Novel with Argentines, He Who Searches, Clara, and Symmetries.

"Luisa Valenzuela is the heiress of Latin American fiction. She wears an opulent, baroque crown, but her feet are naked." -- Carlos Fuentes

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ISSUE #7 : August 2004 - Nagasaki Day

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