I'm Afraid of Americans — a shoegaze book

I'm Afraid of Americans by M. F. McAuliffe

Publication Date: December, 2018
Trade Paper; 151 pages; 6" x 4"
ISBN 978-1-63587-867-7

Today's headlines really began in the 1980s. In a majority minority high school in Southern California, teachers, students and support staff skirmish their ways through immigration, education, race, and the presence of wars old and new. These stories are told in a variety of voices; these characters are vividly themselves.

"M. F. McAuliffe's writing is an invitation to reconsider the in-between moments, the sometimes quiet moments I too often leave uninvestigated. And once there, once I'm in her stories, the challenges and surprises and heartbreaks and joys that live in these moments are revealed by a remarkable storyteller. McAuliffe's wit and humor and heart fill the stories that make up I'm Afraid of Americans and Other Stories, and I will be revisiting them from now on."

Matthew Robinson, author, The Horse Latitudes

"Readers of M. F. McAuliffe's collection will be mesmerized. In these stories, masterful in their own right, shy alliterations come splashing out of nowhere; a jaw-dropping simile or a short string of repetition arrives like a piece of chocolate or a shot of Coirvoisier. Hermitic rhymes and biologically correct personifications walk by. Everything is magnificently spot on."

Leanne Grabel, author, Ophelia, TheGold Shoes


"There is elegy and orbiting and sky in your eyes and then there are The Crucifixes which leap from the Poet Goddess McAuliffe's forehead. If this were the last poetry collection on earth the gods who find it after the apocalypse will think well enough of us to resuscitate the species from this body of writing in some distant white and transDanubian blue afteroon."

Jenny Forrester, author, Narrow River, Wide Sky

"In Seattle and Seattle, a disillusioned photographer works as a photo librarian. The writing parallels old style photography: film processed until a latent image becomes visible. The story emerges with the same chemical intensity."

Mark Mordue, author, Dastgah, Diary of a Head Trip, Darlinghurst Fueneral Rites

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