The Weight: A Small Book with 167 Drawings of People Waiting

The Weight: A Small Book with 167 Drawings of People Waiting
by MP Fikaris

Publication Date: October 21, 2022
Paperback, 284 pages, illustratons, 5" x 7"
ISBN: 978-1-64871-490-0

The Weight contains 167 examples of the endlessly expressive silhouette of MP Fikaris's Everyone. Alone or in a group, the figure has a good day, a bad day, any kind of day. Minutely observed and drawn with affection, the figure is us — knowing as much or as little as we do, as much at the mercy of bags, baggage, and hope, as we are.

"The Weight slowly builds while staying in the same place. It's funny and weird and unique. And also good."

— Shannon Wheeler, New Yorker cartoonist; author, Too Much Coffee Man

"Fikaris explores the tentativeness of identity under lockdown with a deceptively light hand. Before Homo Sapiens decided that COVID was here to stay, the existential shock of proximity to a mysterious death brought people to simultaneously lose their performative identities and rely on them even more. The Weight brilliantly captures this fine line between archetype and dissolution.

The individuals in this book are poured into protective suits, converted to slapstick yet elegant symbols. Some are forlorn; others indomitable. I envision a future bibliomancy where readers randomly flip to pages in this book for insight. Is the correct response to today's challenges 'the reckoner' or 'the donk'?"

— Jennifer Robin, author, Death Confetti, Earthquakes in Candyland, and You Only end Once with a Spoonful of Mercury

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