The Miroslav Nemeth Project: Five Comix — a Reprobate/GobQ Book


The Miroslav Nemeth Project: Five Comix by Miroslav Nemeth

Publication Date: October 21, 2022
Paperback, 142 pages, illustrations, 5" x 7"
ISBN: 978-1-64764-392-8

Five graphic narratives by Croatian artist Miroslav Nemeth, originally published in Gobshite Quarterly.

In "The Roman Key," light, lighthearted, fanciful, spare and surreal two-part drawings tell the tale of Nemeth's search for the key to "Roma," perhaps the city, perhaps a girl.

"I Had a Dog" is about Nemeth's pet Afghan hound who "behaved like a king." The neighborhood is enchanted with the dog's gentleness. The dog becomes aggressive, first biting Nemeth, then anyone walking past the fence.

"The Hood" is a complex visual description of parts of Nemeth's childhood—school, a starkly, darkly pyramidal place, an eerie church that welcomes him when he discovers God.

"A Smell from a Nose" expands "The Hood." Nemeth is a teenager; the family moves to a house near the city graveyard. He sees his grandmother kill a chicken. Terrified by the fragility of life he becomes almost housebound.

"Metaphysics in the Yard," also takes place at home. Nemeth and his father are in the garden; Nemeth sees an ugly bug and wants his father to kill it.

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