A New Order of the Phylum

A New Order of the Phylum by R. V. Branham

Publication Date: January, 2019
Trade Paper; 367 pages; 6" x 4"
Seventh Station Publishing
ISBN 978-1-64204-578-9

These tales, tragic and comic, often lucidly deranged, reveal a world born of the wormhole decades of the '60s, '70s, '80s, '90s, 00's: morally and conceptually porous, run on deliberate happenstance, shot through with cruelty, greed, and strange moments of compassion.

"R. V. Branham's A New Order of the Phylum is a phosphorescent work of life and death, though not always in that order."

Richard Nash, founder, Cursor, & publishing editor, Soft Skull Press, Red Lemonade

"R. V. Branham's storytelling is wholly unique, His characters (from dinosaurs in ballet class to the nurse who works intake in Heaven to junk-sick jazzmen, barflies, thugs, grifters and drifters) get under the skin and remain, as allegory, love letter, and funeral dirge. They masterfully navigate absurdity, hilarity and sincerity with alluring and devastating effect. A reading experience I won't soon forget."

Matthew Robinson, author, The Horse Latitudes, co-author, The Jesus He Deserved

"Einstein would have called it spooky action at a distance. A mad scientist beckons you inside and hands you a test tube. His hair is wild. You're not sure whether you're qualified to handle all these dangerous chemicals, but the man in the lab coat tosses you a pair of safety goggles and gestures to an unmanned Bunsen burner. How can you resist? Who was that man at the door? It was R. V. Branham, and he's been keeping the lab alive for years."

Tiffany Lee Brown, author, poet, essayist, & Plazm Magazine editor

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