Seattle — a shoegaze book

SEATTLE by M. F. McAuliffe

Publication Date: February 2016
Trade Paper; 151 pages; 6" x 4"
ISBN 978-1-94424-441-5

"A disillusioned photographer works as a photo librarian. The writing parallels old style photography: film processed until a latent image becomes visible. The story emerges with the same chemical intensity."
Mark Mordue, author, Dastgah, Diary of a Head Trip

Bartleby the Scrivener is alive, unwell, and reliving the gloomy doomy in the form of McAuliffe's brooding, misanthropic, rain-spat heroine. Impotent rage cohabits with brilliantly arch condemnations."
Kassten Alonso, author, Core (A Maiden), The Pet Thief

"The controlled rage throughout Seattle does the memory of Mother Jones proud."
Julie Madsen, editor, W*O*R*K* Magazine

"A marvelous stretch of work."
Matthew Stadler, author, The Dissolution of Nicholas Dee, Chloe Jarren's La Cucuracha, Where We Live Now; co-founder, Publication Studio

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