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The Words I Own by Michael Shay

Publication Date: June 30, 2020
Trade Paper, 124 pages, 5" x 7"
ISBN 978-1-68454-468-4

The trees in Michael Shay's garden argue. Despite their moss his garden ornaments remain defiantly unnatural. His work is about experience: home and landscape and family, love and death and memory. It's about falling short and unselfconscious altruism; it describes the weather of the world and self. His clouds are clouds and his rain, rain, but his clouds and rain and seasons are also about renewal.

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"Michael Shay's The Words I Own is captivating. The poems are by turns playful and heartbreaking, the manner uncluttered, generous in its amicable approach to the reader. His writing carries the resonance of a life with which most readers will identify. The Words I Own, among its many virtues, is a good read."
Marvin Bell

"Michael Shay's poetry whispers in the reader's ear that before we are "ready to drink with death/ He drinks with [us]." He understands the importance of rising each time we fall, the fusion of love and living."
Christopher Luna, author, Message From A Vessel In A Dream; editor, Ghost Town Poetry Volumes 1 & 2

"Michael Shay's collection is a study in contrasts. Permanence and transience. Joy and sorrow. Stillness and frenzy. An ever-shifting kaleidoscope of experience and memory, these poems quietly but insistently conjure fragments of the poet's private world where, if a cross carried in the mind alone is a weight without conclusion, constant love also replenishes constant love."
Brenda Taulbee, author, The Art Of Waking Up

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