gobshite quarterly 2022 - contents


"Pan-lingual Gobshite Quarterly, where Paul Krassner meets Vénus Khoury-Ghata, is my favorite source for Hungarian fiction that reads like a song... In its pages English language poems, short stories, and "reasoned rants" nervously traverse a dark alley, past a gauntlet of hipster Arabs, dangerous Czechs, and Spanish cantoras."
Chris Dodge, Utne Magazine


New Yorker cartoonist Shannon Wheeler leads off the Winter/Spring and Summer/Fall 2022 volume of Gobshite Quarterly because we can all use a laugh.

Reasoned rants follow, from Oregon-adjacent Jenny Forrester - who wants to show you her guns - and Gobshite Quarterly co-founder/-editor M.F. McAuliffe, who ties the pictures on our pianos in with the pictures on the news & local & national hate crime. From other centres, Mark Sargent dreams of NBA overtime and of having to drive all over Greece to find somewhere to watch it, and Criterion Collection commentary writer Adrian Martin & Carles Matamoros discuss a new European noir classic.

Short fiction with basketball and car crashes: New Yorker Tanni Haas, Oregonian Joy McDowell, Nebraskan Poe Ballantine, & Croatian Josip Razum.

Oregon Book Award-winning poet David Biespiel returns to Gobshite Quarterly, as do New Yorker poet J. Randall Brett, Clark County Poet Laureate Armin Tolentino, and Oregonians Juleen Johnson, David Elsey, and Ann Farley. Casey Bush, Emmett Wheatfall, and Dan Raphael are new to our pages. Minnesotan Holly Day, Floridian Kirsten Aysworth, and Mediaeval Welsh bard Dafydd Ap Gwylym also appear, Ap Gwylym translated by Oregonians Michael Filetra and Paul Merchant —

— Standing inkwell to inkwell with Croatian poets Tomislav Marijan Bilosnić, Marija Dejanović, Monika Herceg; Greek poets Vasileia Oikonomou, Eleni Tzatzimaki, Petros Skythiotis, Constantina Kontopoulou; French poet Ivan de Morbison; Lithuanian poets Kestutis Navakas, Rimas Uzgiris; award-winning Estonian poet Triin Paja; Aruban poet Arturo Desimone, and Australian poet Veronica O'Halloran.

Graphix & Comics are by Melbourne artist MP Fikaris, and by Mr. God Is Disappointed in You himself, Shannon Wheeler.

Parallel text in this issue: English, Croatian, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, French, Greek, Japanese, Icelandic, Kiswahili, Lithuanian, Mediaeval Welsh, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog, and Ukrainian.


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